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Updated 17/05/2020

Coronavirus STP update.......

Well, i think we can all agree these are once in a lifetime times we are currently experiencing. Hope you continue to stay safe and well and to those we know who have already succumbed to this virus,we will miss you and as always extend our heartfelt wishes to your friends and families.

STP Shows..... naturally at the moment we have no idea and in what form live music will take later this year and into 2021 so it's only something we can address later this year when guidelines become available, we have nothing now scheduled until September and will be looking at those shows when the Government Phase 3 announcement is made around July 4th.As we have been saying on social media, anything we postpone, tickets will remain valid as we will simply reschedule shows with the same bands where we can or you can get a refund as and when we announce.

Releases.....this is now our revised plan in trying times with people having only so much money to go round, we will be sending off for pressing in the following order these releases this year,June Hung Like Hanratty What You See colour vinyl record, July Kid Klumsy The Faces Don't Fit Cdep, September Kid Klumsy Dummy/Singing effect vinyl record and November Dirt Box Disco Live outstanding release now the band have their new album out n about.

For news on individual upcoming releases, go to the item and updates will be posted on each item on the 1st of every month during the current lockdown as we continue to work away behind the scenes in challenging times for labels,venues,artists etc.

There will be changes to how we do things later this year/early 2021 as things become a little clearer as to what is and isn't possible and with lots of thinking time, the first thing we are currently thinking of changing is closing our ticket shop here online and using third party ticketing (probably Ticketline) for all STP shows. Those others we sell tickets for, we will see in person when we can to go through this as some will have to make their own arrangements for online sales. Stay tuned and stay safe folks.