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Latest news - Updated 7th November 2019.

 Well 2019 has been interesting to date, couple of bands we invested time into have moved on, Kid Klumsy just continue to improve, Headsticks are going from strength to strength and Hung Like Hanratty are reaping rewards at larger shows whilst still continuing to push smaller shows.We still have 4 STP shows in what has been a busy year for us in the live arena and we are going to continue to push live shows over releases but stay tuned as we have plans for 2020 and beyond for releases.......

 COMPACT DISCS  -  everybody knows the market is dwindling as the likes of spotify etc bite into sales but while there is still call for these, we will be doing them......coming up we will be looking at a new Kid Klumsy Cd in 2020, the Live Dirt Box Disco Cd now everything has settled down and possibly new Cds from Spring Park and Hung Like Hanratty. We are aware we have some gaps in our back catalogue.....i will cover this a little further down.

 VINYL RECORDS  -  whilst an expensive outlay, our current plans are as follows for 2020 if all goes to plan, a Kid Klumsy vinyl record with the first 2 ep's on there, the Dirt Box Disco live vinyl, will also look at a Hung Like Hanratty vinyl record if pre-orders make it worthwhile.

CASSETTES  -  we did a limited edition Kid Klumsy cassette this year which was well received, this market seems to be picking up so with 60+ releases in our back catalogue, you can expect to see cassettes from us for any of our releases to date at varying intervals over the next 2 years, some to fill in gaps in our back catalogue and some with new STP numbers as we continue to invest in shows and bands.