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Latest news - Update 25 January 2019


 We have 2019 CD releases planned from Headsticks,Spring Park,Kid Klumsy and once our current outstanding business is complete with Dirt Box Disco Ltd (around June), we will look at working on and a release date for the Dirt Box Disco Live album we recorded at The Star and Garter, it is simply going to be titled For Sue.

We are already looking ahead to 2020 where we have plans for just 2 more Cd releases for Kid Klumsy (debut full length) and Hung Like Hanratty before we close the STP CD business side of things and once those are complete we will be vinyl only.

If you need any information on any upcoming release simply head over to the Cd/Vinyl page and click on the item, we are currently updating all information on each upcoming release as we continue to look at things in a difficult market as we refuse to compromise on quality or time.