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Latest news - 02 January 2019

 HAPPY NEW YEAR. Ok folks we have 2 shows on January 20th at The Star and Garter in Manchester (see our flyer page)and January 26th at Warehouse 23 in Wakefield.

 We have CD releases planned from Headsticks,Spring Park, Kid Klumsy and once our current outstanding business is complete with Dirt Box Disco Ltd, we will look at working on and a release date for the Dirt Box Disco Live album we recorded at The Star and Garter, it is simply going to be titled For Sue......

 If we have in the past printed tickets for you, we will not be continuing to offer this in 2019 and beyond, this is so we can take back a bit of time and book keeping space for ourselves. If you are one of those we print tickets for, you will be getting an email telling you where to get your own tickets printed. Its a small step but means its some Non STP items we no longer have on our books at the end of each year.