Updated 01/02/2017. 


This is the STP Records newsletter for February, and first and foremost, THANK YOU to all of you who have purchased tickets and CD's in January, it is only with your continued purchases we can move forward with planning for new sounds, new shows and updating equipment.
As usual if you do not want to receive this newsletter, simply email us in reply to this and we can take you off the mailing list but we hope you will want to be kept up to date on a monthly basis, some months will be quiet news wise and others a little busier but the aim is to let you know what shows we have each month, what releases and of course anything else regards both STP Records and the bands we work with and the make up of these newsletters will always break down into headlined sections with more or less each month depending on what we have going on.........


We have the first STP Records show at The Star and Garter in over a year on Sunday February 26th. We have decided in the main to give our time and venue time to some up and coming bands and bands who have not played the venue before and of course our Sunday Sessions are aimed at simply coming out for the love of live music, having a drink amongst friends and doing our small part to helping maintain a fine old venue with its overheads.
With that in mind for February we have 3 bands playing, namely CHAOS 8, TRIPWIRE DC and CLAN OF ANARCHY. If you are on facebook you will find promotion for this show online from today with a little about the bands but of course if you are able to make the show, please do so, the show opens at 5.30pm and will be finished for 9.00pm to allow people time to get home and this one is simply £5.00 on the door.


No STP releases in February but of course you all may know we are currently working on Dirt Box Disco Poppycock Cd for April release, Dirt Box Disco Poppycock Vinyl which we are pushing for April despite a small delay in the studio for the vinyl recordings, and Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions Ram Raid EP which we are looking at March 31st for a release date.
Once those are finished we will then look to go back to vinyl and start work on Dirt Box Disco People Made Of Paper Vinyl and as usual these will be limited to 300 copies only on amazing coloured vinyl with high quality sound and finished product all round.
Some Ltd Edition releases later this year and a couple of full length releases to look forward to down the line.


Thank you to those who ordered the new STP Records embroidered hoodies. That initial order is now placed and as soon as we receive them they will be posted out to you. We are not having these mass produced but made to order and we do have minimum order requirements so if you do want to order one, the link is on the STP website and these are available in 6 colour combinations and of course once minimum order quota has been met again for a second order, we will let you know we have them on order.


As usual we have an assortment of tickets on sale for STP shows and others we sell for and we have 2 ticket pages on the STP website, one is for general shows at The Star and Garter, The Witchwood and more and the other is specifically for Dirt Box Disco shows we book in house via STP Records.......some of what we currently have on sale.....Dirt Box Disco - Live Album Recording tickets, Rock City Nottingham (not many left at STP), 8th Anniversary show in Wakefield at Warehouse 23, 100 Club in London, Sheffield Corporation, Album launch 2018 (yes 2018 for the new album after Poppycock)....also on sale we have tickets for Russ/Kimberleys Birthday at Hairy Dog in Derby, Uk Subs at Star n Garter, Subhumans, Spunk Volcano and The Eruptions, Hard Drive Festival and more coming in all the time.


For our March newsletter we will look to add a song or two to our mailout from some of our still available back catalogue, as always when we released these our aim was to support up and coming or new to you sounds, some we don't have many of remaining and will become STP deleted once they are all sold so if you do enjoy what we release, there is always the STP player on the website as well.


As always, feel free to contact us in reply to this email or via stprecords@hotmail.com with your comments, thoughts, ideas or just to say hello.


Hope to see you if you can make it to The Star and Garter on February 26th, we will look at how these shows are attended this year to decide the direction shows will go in 2018 as we are all hoping The Star and Garter may be open next year as well.
Wherever you are out at shows, enjoy yourselves, look after each other, respect the venues, respect the bands and equipment (read recently about a show where somebody threw beer onto equipment that caused the show to be abandoned) and enjoy the music, if you like what you hear, buy a little something from the bands, merch sales nowadays account for a big chunk in bands income.
See you soon.